Red Line Book Festival

TEDxTallaght 2013: Tara Wood - Re-Wilding Yourself

TEDxTallaght 2013: Niall Harbison - Work, Fear, Death.

TEDxTallaght 2013: Rick Gannotta - Mindfullness in a High Reliability Life

TEDxTallaght 2013: Liam Ryan - Changin Behaviour: We are More than just Rational Robots

TEDxTallaght 2013: Gerry Duffy- The Habits of High Achievers

TEDxTallaght 2013: Orlaith Carmody- Find a Customer not a Job

TEDxTallaght 2013: Michael Bhaskar- Creativity & Information

TEDxTallaght 2012: Maureen Gaffney - The Science & Art of Crafting your Story

TEDxTallaght 2012: Paul Lee - 3D Superhero: Unleashing your Creativity in SketchUp

TEDxTallaght 2012: PR Smith: How Sportsmanship Can Save The World

TEDxTallaght 2012: Catriona Crowe - Archives & The Citizen: Some Social Effects of the 1911 Census Online.

TEDxTallaght 2012: Michael Rossney - Change Your Story, Change Your Life

TEDxTallaght 2012: Jo Verrent - Under the Covers - The Perils of (Literary) Stereotypes

TEDxTallaght 2012: Cathal Garvey - Cypherpunks & Biohackers:

Remaking the Oldest Technology with Lessons from the Newest

TEDxTallaght 2013: Gary Thompson - The fight with Cancer, can a new Internet change the Terms of Battle

Rhythm & Slam: Poetry & Performance by Migrant Writers & Performing Artists Ireland

A multicultural evening of poetry readings by the Migrant Writers and Performing Artists with an interlude of classical music and a performance by a scintillating Georgian dance group.  The evening featured work by Dr. Theophilus Ejorh, Dr Kate Antosik Parsons, Ebun Akpoveta, Nita Mishra, Ziad Salih, Kunle Animashaun, Usha Maharani and Nicy Kasa. Red Line Book Festival, October 16th 2013.